This is the playingCLIL eBook!

After ‘playing’ that game over two years, challenging different tasks like defining main concepts and principles of the CLIL methodology, linking the principles to the educational contexts, writing and designing the games, training the teachers to test the games in the classroom, and cross-testing it again we reach the top level of the playingCLIL project!… read more

Las Palmas (Spain) Final Meeting: European Conference

December 2nd-3rd, 2015 As its name suggests, the final meeting was the time to end the project on a high note: It began with the European Conference, which enabled 95 international participants to learn about the project and its results. In their welcome speeches to open the European Conference representatives of the University of Las… read more

Accommodation in Las Palmas

If you need an accommodation in Las Palmas during the European playingCLIL conference (30.11. + 01.12.2015) you may find many hotels in all categories. We checked them nearly all and would like to recommend two of them: Hotel Parque (***): 66 € (single) / 71 € (double) AC Hotel Iberia (****): 80 € (single) /… read more


If you’re going to Las Palmas…

…be sure to know how to get there! In less than two months the European playingCLIL conference will take place. It’s time to give you some more information about the confernce venue. We prepared it all. Find attached the neccessary information about the adress, public transport and a link to Google Maps. More information with… read more


European playingCLIL conference: poster session!

Join the playingCLIL conference (30th Nov + 1st Dec 2015, Las Palmas) in our poster session and share your CLILexperience by showing (off) your when, how, who, where and why about your research. Play a part in our playingCLIL adventure by following these playingCLIL KISS principles: Use the provided template. Get right to the heart… read more


Berlin (Germany) Project Meeting

31.08-01.09.2015 By August 2015, playingCLIL games had already been tested in several contexts, and the main task at hand was to integrate the feedbacks at hand into further testing in different educational contexts (Work Package 8: cross-testing). The games that were good enough to work in different contexts got compiled into the project handbook. Since… read more

Save the date!

European playingCLIL Conference – Method, Practice, Perspectives When: 30th November & 1st December 2015 Where: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Venue: Universidad Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Wanna see & smell how learning and playing belong together? Wanna be the first to hold the fresh playingCLIL handbook in your hands? Do you wanna meet and discuss… read more


The project within a booklet’s length!

This springtime we published a small booklet to present the project, its aims and expected results, and the workflow. If you have the chance to meet one of the project partners at a conference, in a meeting, training course or other networking occasions ask for the paper version. Alternatively, you can download this booklet as… read more

Tenerife (Spain) Project Meeting

26.03-27.03.2015 The meeting started with a review of the Interim Report process; each partner stated their view on the project progress. The group reflected on how to work faster and better together and reach all objectives in time, for example with more phone communication and a clean project dropbox. Regarding dissemination, the partners planned what… read more

Testing the games

The process of testing the games started with the design of the questionnaires. The pCLIL-project group did this with the help (feedback loop) of the teachers who later on would use these questionnaires to test the games. The testing takes place in the classroom and the teachers (also testers) and the students will complete the… read more