Berlin (Germany) Project Meeting


By August 2015, playingCLIL games had already been tested in several contexts, and the main task at hand was to integrate the feedbacks at hand into further testing in different educational contexts (Work Package 8: cross-testing). The games that were good enough to work in different contexts got compiled into the project handbook.

Since the structure of the handbook was clear, the redaction was divided between the partners, each chapter being written by at least two partner. An introduction and some annexes were conceived as well.

By the end of the first day of the meeting the project team met regional stakeholders from the public administration and several levels of education (school, adult and higher education). During this attached seminar the project (partners, rationale, results to date) as well as the idea of teaching CLIL through drama-games was introduced and a preview to the handbook was given and opportunities for further collaboration regarding the implementation of playingCLIL were shown.

Christin Müller
Content and language integrated learning inspired by drama pedagogy