Tenerife (Spain) Project Meeting


The meeting started with a review of the Interim Report process; each partner stated their view on the project progress. The group reflected on how to work faster and better together and reach all objectives in time, for example with more phone communication and a clean project dropbox.

Regarding dissemination, the partners planned what disseminating events and actions they wanted to do, and discussed the look and content of the booklet as well as the website and social media presence. Addressing the booklet also lead to further reflections on what viewpoint to take in this publication and what information to display about the games.

For the attached seminar the project team met school advisors (public administration and teacher development), teachers (primary/secondary education) and trainers (adult education) from the Canary Islands to present the status-quo of the project, discuss feedback about classroom experiences (e.g. implementation of the games etc.) and to promote the testing of the games

The steering group was unanimous that this meeting was very productive and lead to good decisions.

Christin Müller
Content and language integrated learning inspired by drama pedagogy