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In January 2014 a new European project about the topic of learning a foreign language started. There are six  partners from Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Romania, who aim to develop a new method for learning a foreign language:

Zukunftsbau, Germany

Zukunftsbau GmbH, BerlinZukunftsbau is a non-profit company that has made it its job to give disadvantaged young people a chance to receive vocational training in order to ensure long-term social integration. Zukunftsbau works closely together with the Berlin Senate Adminstration for Education, Youth and Science - responsible for school/vocational education and for the on-going reform process of the educational system in Berlin.

Zukunfstbau is co-ordinator of the playingCLIL project.

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

husiegel_bwThe Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (HU) is one of the largest university in Germany. 11 faculties employ 1.825 research and teaching staff and 419 professors. Currently, 31.065 students are enrolled in 185 undergraduate and post-graduate programmes (excl. Medicine). These include 36 Master of Education programmes for teacher education in various school subjects and different types of schools (ranging from Primary to Secondary and Special Needs Education).
Within the Institute of English and American Studies (IEAS), the department for English Language Education is involved in initial teacher education, mainly on the MA-level. Research activities comprise learner and teacher identities, theory of language education, multiliteracies, and CLIL.
The newly established “Professional School of Education” (PSE) is a transversal formal structure which allows for academics from all fields involved in teacher education to easily co-operate across faculty borders.

Interacting UK, United Kingdom

interactingInteracting UK is a Social Enterprise Company supplying professional services to education and business and promoting international cooperation. Interacting UK was formed in response to needs in both formal and informal learning environments for greater flexibility in the introduction of content and sensitivity to acquiring real life skills. Interacting UK is partner of Interacting S.L. from Spain and mirrors the service and expertise of the Spanish company and broadens the range of activities and collaborations.

Interacting draws on techniques in Devised Theatre and professional management training to inspire teachers and engage students in life long learning. Interacting is a project developer, a training provider and theatre company. Clients include local government, agencies such as the British Council and individual schools. Interacting lobbies and advocates the promotion of language learning and pan European understanding in schools, colleges, universities, local communities and on the internet; and works in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

Universidad Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

CMYK básicoThe Universidad Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) is a young university founded in 1989 and placed in the Canary Islands (Spain), a cultural and geographical link between Europe, Africa and America. Despite its youth, it has become one of the top Spanish universities. It is composed of 21 academic, research and administrative centres. 22885 students are currently enrolled in 42 degrees, 18 masters and 18 doctorate programs. It amounts to 1630 research and teaching staff.

The department of Specific Didactics from this university is composed of a group of lecturers, professors and researchers belonging to different areas of expertise. All academic staff share their teaching and research activities in the field of Didactics.
The teaching staff of the department of Specific Didactics is involved in teaching at the degrees of Primary Education, Pre-primary Education and Social Education. Besides, the department is directly involved in teaching at the Master of Teacher Training. All these teaching activities take place at the Teacher Training College of the ULPGC.

Consejería de Educación, Spain

logo_EducacionThe Consejería de Educación is a regional education authority for the Spanish Autonomous Region of the Canary Islands and is therefore ideally placed to authorise and endorse the project activities and research for the introduction of ‘playingCLIL’ in a state school system. The Consejería de Educación is involved in the design of all the curricular subjects in compulsory education.

One particular focus of the Consejería de Educación is the development of linguistic competence across the curriculum by using a foreign language to teach other curricular contents (i.e. CLIL) to the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In the same line, the commitments of the Local Government and the Resolutions of the Parliament of Canaries are destined to improve the learning of languages and the integration of different cultures.

The Consejería de Educación; Dirección Innovación y Promoción Educati has organised and participated in many national events on CLIL and is highly committed in its policies to the advancement of bilingual teaching. Consejería de Educación has over 10 years’ experience of implementing bilingual strategies in both primary and post primary education and has developed and introduced appropriate learning and teacher training strategies on a provincial level.

Liceul cu Program Sportiv Suceava, Romania

Liceul cu Program Sportiv SuceavaThe Liceul cu Program Sportiv Suceava in Romania is a vocational Sports High School with emphasis on sports profession. 98 teachers work at the school, which has a current intake of 815 students.

The philosophy of the Suceava Sports High School is to improve teambuilding and social competences in educational learning environments trough sporting spirit and new approaches of learning motivation. The school is participating in various European educational networks and has a very good cooperation with NGOs and the local community of Suceava.
The design of curricula for training courses is one of the core competences of the school. Additionally there is a huge expertise in design and implementation of survey questionnaires for evaluation and steering purposes to realize internal and external evaluation of training setups.

The school’s staff works in dynamic teams with a great expertise of teambuilding and sporting spirit and has expertise in modern training methods and activities. Several teachers have a long standing expertise in counselling and will support the project with counselling advice where needed. In Suceava Sports High School bilingual education (in the sense of CLIL) is implemented in a model phase.

Content and language integrated learning inspired by drama pedagogy