Pedagogical Impact

During the development of the project playingCLIL we want to pay attention to the pedagogical impact of the methodology we propose. For this reason, we will conduct a thorough follow-up of the implementation of this methodology in the classroom, staying in contact with the teachers that will use and test the games. We make ourselves a series of questions related to different aspects which we could group as follows:

  • The use of communicative skills: Do learners speak more and better when using the activities proposed with our methodology? Do they increase their interaction through language when doing these activities? Are they able to use the terminology of the subject when or after playing?
  • Effects on non-CLIL traditional learners: Do those learners who are not used to the CLIL methodology also benefit from the activities that we propose?
  • Professionalization of the teacher: Does this methodology mean an improvement in the teaching activity? Does the teacher feel it can enhance their work?

Now that the teachers have already participated in our training course, and are ready to use the games and evaluate them in their classroom, we are ready and expectant to see if we get positive answers to all these questions. During the following months we will be registering this feedback and sharing the conclusions and results on our web page.

Christin Müller

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