Accommodation in Las Palmas

AC_hotelIf you need an accommodation in Las Palmas during the European playingCLIL conference (30.11. + 01.12.2015) you may find many hotels in all categories. We checked them nearly all and would like to recommend two of them:

  • Hotel Parque (***): 66 € (single) / 71 € (double)
  • AC Hotel Iberia (****): 80 € (single) / 85 € (double)

These are special prices we arranged for you. Please contact the hotel directly and refer to the European playingCLIL conference. You may find more detailed information including contact data and some other alternative hotels in our accommodation file.

And don’t forget if you haven’t done yet: To register directly for the conference please follow this link!

Christin Müller

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