Berlin (Germany) Kick-off

20.01. – 21.01.2014

The main purpose of the kick-off was to create a common working basis for the project’s lifetime. That includes also to agree on the project’s steering and accounting rules. The meeting gave an overview on the shared responsibility for the several work packages of playingCLIL between the partners. Roles were attributed and the links between tasks (for example between Work Package 2 “Identifying CLIL principles” and Work Package 5 “Writing games”) were explained.

The Kick-off was also the opportunity to set some essential structures of the project in order for it to work as good as possible. The project partners discussed a general form for the future project meetings, as well as the contracts, the project accounting and the project steering. Ms Marterer, in charge of the project’s external evaluation, explained the aim and the functioning of this evaluation.

The visit of Peter Birch from the EACEA allowed for a Q&A on important dimensions of playingCLIL (among others: taking the CEFR into account, and making sure that the products are sustainable).

Christin Müller
Content and language integrated learning inspired by drama pedagogy